Who Are We?

More than just workplace training – we are all about learning. 4C Organizations equips your people with the skills and behaviours they need to adapt and thrive in a fast-paced contemporary world.

Why Us?

We are leading experts in organizational transformation and the 4Cs – Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Reflection.

We’ve worked with 30+ organizations to create meaningful change, and authored dozens of articles and papers. Our program is informed by over two decades’ experience in education and professional learning.

4Cs practice creates meaningful, lasting and deep learning. Organizations that develop the 4cs become resilient and agile. When implemented holistically, the 4Cs can underpin the culture of an organization through periods of disruption and challenge.

All organizations – from large corporations, to charities NGOs and schools – can benefit from the 4Cs.

Prof. Michael Anderson

Michael is an educator, change leader, professor and keynote speaker. As co-founder of 4C Organizations and 4C Transformative Learning he has worked with dozens of organizations, large and small, to develop and implement programs that are tailored to their own strengths and contexts.

Michael has published numerous articles and books on education, leadership and organizational change.

Dr. Miranda Jefferson

Miranda is a change leader, mentor, educator and co-founder of 4C Organizations and 4C Transformative Learning.

She has more than 20 years’ experience in leading innovation in education and professional learning, and brings extensive real-life knowledge and insight to her work.

Pete Wilson

Analytics and Strategy Lead

Pete is an experienced qualitative and quantitative social and market researcher who leads 4Cs diagnostics and data analytics.

He is skilled in finding meaning in quantitative and qualitative information and is expert in provided strategic, workable solutions to organizations.

Pete has worked with some of Australia’s biggest organizations.

Dr Kirsty McGeoch

Kirsty is a consultant and facilitator who is experienced in guiding groups through organizational transformation.

An educator for more than 20 years, she has led workshops, retreats and professional development days across different sectors and industries.

Kirsty’s PhD research into digital storytelling explored the role of personal narrative, reflection and self-awareness.

Laurence Coy

Laurence is a highly skilled coach, facilitator and role player with over 25 years’ experience.

He has trained professionals in the corporate, government, small business and NGO sectors, covering leadership, customer service, conflict management, mentoring, negotiation and more.

As an educator, Laurence has taught at acting conservatories in Australia and Europe. He is also a performer, with over 3000 performances as a stand up comic behind him. He always brings to his work a positive atmosphere and sense of humour.

Our Book

Why do some organizations transform and thrive, while others fade into irrelevance? What’s the secret sauce that keeps some organizations focussed on their mission and values, while others decline?

Transforming Organizations demonstrates how 4Cs behaviours are critical to success in the 21st century. From start-ups to global corporations, it’s the human behaviours of Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Reflection that are the key to future success.

Transforming Organizations is available via Bloomsbury Press

Work with us

Are you a management consultant, change manager or organizational coach looking to enhance your practice with the 4Cs?

We partner with like-minded professionals to deliver 4Cs professional learning in organizations around Australia and the world.

We offer detailed diagnostics so you can create bespoke programs based on evidence and need.

Our methodology is adaptable to any size of organization and any industry. Our approach builds human capacity in leadership and throughout the organization. It will complement existing training or professional learning programs and foster deeper learning within workplaces.

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